Former student stumbles on front page photo

Former student Eric Kayne, a free-lance photographer in Houston, happened on to what appeared to be a typical protest march in Oakland, CA. 

But let Kayne tell the story from his Facebook post:

A group of anti-Donald
Trump protestors storm 
into Oakland City HalI.

Interesting day yesterday.  On spec, I went to downtown Oakland yesterday to photograph anything connected with the court appearance of Noor Salman, the wife of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Matee

Not five minutes there, I get a call to photograph an unrelated protest literally around the block at Oakland City Hall. At first, it seemed like many protests I've photographed: about two dozen people gathered outside city hall to exercise their free speech.  When they began walking, I figured they were going to do a march around the building and then wrap up. I scrambled to the end of the sidewalk to photograph them coming down the sidewalk when all of a sudden, they all started to bolt into a side entrance. 

Next thing I know, a protestor is having a tug of war with a security guard who kept repeating "No signs! No signs!" while the protester kept protesting "It's just PAPER! It's just PAPER!" 

It's always nice to be surprised (sometimes) and I ended up getting the A1 dominant image in today's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle (extra bonus of headline from a Doobie Brothers song :-))

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